The National Harnett High School Alumni Association, Inc.

The National Harnett High School Alumni Association, Inc. (NHHSAAI) is a nonprofit corporation established by two of its graduates, Charles L. Herring and Parham McNeill for the purpose of preserving the heritage of the school, establishing a link to the future, while also providing financial assistance to young men and women pursuing a higher education. Established in 1971, the National Harnett High School Alumni Association’s headquarters are located in the Education Campus at the Central Carolina Community College Dunn Enrichment Center, 660 E. Johnson Street, Dunn, North Carolina.


Memorabilia are on sale:

Polo Shirt $10
Jackets $25
T-Shirts $5
Handkerchiefs $3

Contact John Fitzpatrick for orders.

Upcoming Events

Save the Date – Annual Reunion Weekend – Nov 29 – Dec 1, 2024 – Honoring the Class of 1964 at the Dunn Community Center

To Our Alma Mater

To thee, our dear old Harnett High,
We’ll sing thy praises.
We’ll ever honor and praise thy sacred shrine.
Ever and ever, we’ll adore thy guidance,
We’ll fight to keep the beacon ,
Of learning bright for thee.

To thee our dear old Harnett High,
We’ll extol thy annals,
Thy blue and gold we shall cherish through life,
As emblems of beauty, of truth and wisdom.
Through learning, thy guiding spirit
Inspires like an unfailing light.

To thee, our dear old Harnett High,
Noblest of alma maters,
Our milestone to knowledge, to truth and precepts high.
Thy banner shall ne’er be furled,
We pledge to keep it heavenward
That fine tradition and high ideals
Will be our work well done.

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2023 Scholarship Winners

Congratulations to Valencia Moore, 2023 Scholarship Recipient!

Valencia Moore is a 2023 graduate of E. E. Smith High School in Fayetteville, NC. She is the daughter of Monika Smith and Arthur Moore, Fayetteville, NC. Valencia plans to major in Business Administration at Fayetteville State University. Valencia will receive the McCall family scholarship.

Congratulations to Dorian Mckoy, 2023 Scholarship Recipient!

Dorian McKoy is a 2023 graduate of the Harnett County Early College in Dunn, NC. He is the son of Denise McKoy, Coats, NC. Dorian plans to major in Mechanical Engineering at Campbell University. Dorian will receive the Clandia Williams family scholarship.

Congratulations to Barry Ingram, Jr. 2023 Scholarship Recipient!

Barry is a 2023 graduate of Ridge Point High School in Missouri City, TX. He is the son of Barry and Tonya Ingram and the grandson of alumni Louise Williams Ingram and Nathaniel McNeill. Barry plans to major in Electrical Engineering and minor in Computer Engineering at Texas Southern University. Barry will receive the Margaret Pellam family scholarship.

Congratulations to Demetria Gamble, 2023 Scholarship Recipient!

Demetria is a 2023 graduate of Westover High School in Fayetteville, NC. She is the daughter of Denise Jones. Demetria plans to major in Nursing and minor in Physical Therapy at Fayetteville State University. Demetria will receive the Larry Burnette family scholarship.